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another story

Stephen G (Bronson)

Pass that ball back there please mate. What I didn’t kick no ball at you. Pass that ball back please. What?

These are gonna be fucking trouble, these are gonna be trouble. I can tell, I can tell. He’s gonna start, he’s gonna start it.

I haven’t thrown no ball at you mate, can you pass the ball back, go on. Who’s a knob head!?

This little prick, these little cunts, they’ve been shouting and screaming all day, all day. Every time we play a match they’re always like that, down here, down here. You need to get hold of these..they’re little fucking rats.

Mate, just give us the ball. Who’s a knob head, who’s a knob head. You’re a knob head.

You, you little cunt, I’ll come over there. Who’s a fucking knob head, who’s a fucking knob head. I’ll come over there, I’ll break your fucking neck. I’ll scare you up lads, I’ll fucking cut your fucking face off. You’re family won’t even recognise you. I know you’re fucking little trampy arse mates. I’ll fucking kill the lot of you.

Mate, I’m not arguing with you, we’ve only come here to play a game of footy, now give us the ball back.