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Stephen D

You’ve got two brains. You’ve got an animal brain, it’s called a mid brain. All animals have got it. Because we’re human beings, we’ve got a Neo Cortex. We’re the only species to have a Neo Cortex. When you put these substances in your body, the animal part of your brain thinks that it needs these substances to survive. That’s what you’re up against. This animal part of your brain has got the ability to keep you alive but it’s also got the ability to kill you. But you, your Neo Cortex, you can override this part of your brain by competing with the animal part. Because it sends messages to you, your Neo Cortex. And you have to compete. You have to compete with it. And it’s vicious. It wants you dead. That’s what it wants. You know when you’re asleep at night, it tells you to open your mouth and breath. When you put these substances into your body, it gets tricked you see, it gets tricked thinking that it needs these substances. You seen that thing, the battle? There’s always a battle going on, the devil and the angel. Well that’s your devil and you’re the angel. Why would you always do them things that you have done? You wouldn’t do them things. The animal part of your brain would though. So there’s the battle. If there was no such battle, you’d just be completes doing them things.