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another story


He was a nice man. And I remember sitting in the chair. I can still remember it now, it was like a gas mask as big as my face. And he said to me, count back, count back from ten and just keep going. I think I went ten …….nine ……..eight ……seven …..and then….I was in this place, this other place. It was all white and the first thing I was aware of was the, was the roar. It was like a roar of water, like a fountain. Like when you go somewhere and there’s a fountain and you can feel the spray, from far away you know, you can feel the spray on your face.

And then, it was all white marble, it was cold, I could feel it was cold. I was behind a pillar. And I looked around and there was like, a huge hall full of people, they were, just sitting there chatting away. And there was a lady, she had on like…..a white robe to the floor, across the chest and up on to her shoulder and it had like a huge brooch. Very simple but beautiful and her hair, her hair was just the reddest hair I’ve ever seen. Titian I think it’s called. And it was like, all like tumbling down and curls. It was just so beautiful….and she knew I was there. And she turned around and looked at me as if to say bloody kids, they’re always coming up here them kids, as if I was a nuisance really. I wasn’t supposed to be there, I could feel that.

So the next thing I knew I was back in this little tiny room with the dentist. An awful room it was, it was like, like a cupboard with a sink in it. And the dentist assistant was slapping me across the face and there was blood all over my face. And they’d had trouble trying to wake me up. My mum looked worried. So we walked back onto the bridge, on….and I remember you know, like, I remember how flat everything looked. Everything looked so black and white, just no colour in anything. And I said to me mum, where are all them people? She said, what people? I said, you know all them people in the white clothes, like the lady, where have they all gone? She said, they were just the people in the waiting room. I said no, they’re not, they weren’t the same ones who were in the waiting room. Ever since then, my world just felt black and white, flat.